Intro Post

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This’ll be my first ever blog. I don’t know how popular it’ll get, nor how often I’ll post on it. I’ll try my utmost not to forget about it. I’m working on a book right now that I’d like to get published, so maybe I’ll share some difficulties or humors from the editing process. I’ll also share whatever philosophical (though only slight) tidbits I come up with in the shower or what have you.

Enjoy! (Pretty picture)


Hello Again!

Here’s a religion query for you all.

I thought today that everybody is racist in some way. Even pastors and preachers have been revealed as racist in some instances, individuals supposedly being beyond hate. If they can do it, anyone can do it. Here’s the religious part.

If I understand the idea of heaven correctly, it is supposed to be Paradise-not-necessarily-on-Earth. There’s no way a racist white guy would be okay with being neighbors with a black guy in Paradise, or vice versa. Therefore, if it’s real, either heaven is segregated, or there are much fewer people up there than everybody thinks.

Feel free to comment on this one, everybody. I’m interested to hear what everybody thinks.

Thanks for reading!

(PS. I downloaded the app for this site, so I’ll be posting more now).

Possibly Glorious Return…

Hello again, everybody! I have been busy with school and existing (sorry) but now I am back with another tidbit.

Several days ago, I put an application in to a rather prestigious university (cough cough Stanford). I have been thinking of opening an acceptance letter from them ever since. That has also, however, led me to think of the widely-used practice of visualization.

My letter scenario is, I believe, an example of visualization. To fully harness the power of visualization, though, I’m pretty sure you have to believe in it. And I don’t just mean believe. I mean¬†believe. Believe with every fiber of your being that what you’re visualizing is going to happen. Believe beyond any doubt.¬†From what I understand, that is the only way to visualize as strongly as possible and make your visions reality.

Problem is, I can’t do that. To believe that visualization will work requires me to put my trust in it. If I put my trust in it, that means that in my present scenario, I am 100% accepting and acknowledging that I will indeed receive a letter of acceptance from Stanford. On the off-chance I do that, and I do not receive one of those letters, it would be very nearly soul-crushing. I would move on and go to the next college on my list, but I would still know forever after that something I was certain was going to happen didn’t, and then I would probably never be able to use visualization again.

I sound very melodramatic in this post. Apologies for that. I don’t wish to come off as needy or weak-willed, because I assure you all I’m not. Personally, I think visualization does have power behind it, and I’m simply trying to explain why I wouldn’t be able to properly harness that ability.

I feel as though this may just be a mess. Thank you all for reading this far. Until next time!Wave on Rock 1.JPG


A classmate asked me today if I was a werewolf. His reasoning was that I always have something wolf-related, whether it be a notebook, a shirt, or a ring that I got last month and have since worn constantly.

I simply told him no, but should have replied that I was, in fact, a vampire and simply wore wolf things to throw people off the “scent.”


I started a writing club at my high school. We had our first meeting last Wednesday. Only two other people showed up, but it was still a really good meeting and now I’m super excited for the rest of this year.

I’m going to try to help them with their writing: make them both better at it and more knowledgeable. I had the idea last year and I hope it ends up working out.

Wish me good luck you guys and thank you for reading this far!

Crunch Time…

It is weird beyond description to realize that I’m now a high school senior. In just several months time, I’ll be making decisions that will most likely affect the rest of my life.

Solution: Just keep on writing. It’ll all work out somehow. (I’ve already started college applications.)

To everyone else going through something similar, good luck! (Not that I think many of you will need it.)